Under The Great Wave

The Ugly Club

Compositor: Não Disponível

I've been in and out the house of luck
It's a cold machine where the lights are dull
And the beds stay harder than stone.

All my wishes, all my discontent
Just swimming with the sediment in the current
It's harder to row.

Then you came when the morning closed in
Through revolving doors, when they start to spin
You around, all around.

Oh let's leave this place
And start again.

Under the great wave
I'm singing to you
I won't pass judgment on you.
Shaped of the sweet clay
A drink to my mouth
No honey
I won't be letting you down.

In a moment how the world can lift
Up its curtain and expose a gift.
Were you watching to see when it’d come?

I keep you close in my mind darling
Cause you just can’t know
Where the road of roads
Will be winding and picking its slopes.

So let’s leave this place
And start again.

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